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About Kabort Motorsport

What Is "Kabort Motorsport"?

Started in the late spring of 2019, Kabort Motorsport is a virtual endurance racing team that uses the iRacing Platform to allow experienced and in-experienced members to competitively race with one another online

Kabort's main ethos is to provide a friendly and inclusive but professional community of online racing drivers that can get along no matter one's of one's age, nationality, skill-level or prior experience - winning and losing together as a team.

After a re-branding in mid-2020, Kabort is more keen than ever to keep pushing forward and keep improving, and with x2 ELMS (Endurance Le Mans Series) wins already to our name, I can promise you that 2020 is only the very start of an up and coming racing team to watch out for!

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